National Reunification Day

Event Information

This event has passed.. Please stayed tuned for more information, and visit our events page for a listing of upcoming events.

It's a Celebration!

National Reunification Day is held in June of each year to celebrate the reunification of families impacted by child welfare intervention.

2017 Highlights

Families Organizing for Child Welfare Justice's National Reunification Day event was held on June 3, 2017 and it was spectacular! Families Organizing for Child Welfare Justice is developing speakers, advocates, and organizers to join the movement. The Event's panel speakers did a fantastic job of sharing their stories while helping the audience see child welfare from varying perspectives. FOCWJ trained the speakers and gave them their first public platform to share their stories. It was truly a celebration.

For a strong society, we need strong parents. Please donate to FOCWJ to further the cause of parent training, development, and advocacy! We can't do this without you!

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