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Educational Programs

FOCWJ educates the public about the child welfare system through various activities.

Child Welfare Educational Program

Participants of the Child Welfare educational program will gain a deeper understanding of the child welfare system in the United States through:
History of child welfare

Child Welfare History

Learning about the history of child welfare in the United States and the child welfare system's key institutional agencies and organizations

Child Welfare ogranizations

Child Welfare Organizations

Learning about child welfare organizations, the court's role in the child welfare system, and other key components of the system

Discussion of various institutional systems

Institutional Systems Instruction

Study and discussion of various institutional systems and their interconnection, including the penal, housing, welfare, health, and child welfare systems

Other Activities

Getting the Public Involved

Newsletters to educate the public about current events in child welfare and FOCWJ's work.

Talking about the issues

Discussion about current events and research.